Defining The project

My project is on Tv catalogue. On my index page i am showing the popular televisions and random televisions. Apart from that i have a nav bar on the top showing different links of products which will take user to product page and you will be able to see all the products.

On product page user can see 25 different kind of televisions, and on the left side of the product page i have shown some filters by which user can filter his/her choice like what brand of tv they want to see, or whats the minimum or maximum inches of screen they want to see and apart from that i have price filter where user can choose the price range. choose the price range and or other options and click submit and you will see the filtered result. On the top of the page i have my edit and insert link

To insert or enter user have to enter the user name which is "pankaj" and password is "12345". On insert page user will see a form with 8 different fields like title, brand, short description, description, size, price, availability and a button to upload an image for your product and submit button to add that information to the database.

Any item can be searched using the search menu available on every page nav bar at the top. user can search by writing the brand of the product for example "Sony" or by entring the price .

On edit page user will see the list of all the 25 items entered in the product page, user can scroll the list to select the item they want to edit. User can edit all the information including the image of the product.

On product page user can click the item and display page will be open where user can see the full image of the product with the other relative information like the brand of the product, size of the product, availability of the product and price of the product.Previous and next link is given at the bottom so that user can directly go on to next product without going back to the product page.

Thats all what i have done in my project. I hope you will like it. Thank you