Student Projects

Student projects

We have been extremely fortunate to have been able to link up with some amazing students through various classes, departments, and institutions, and with the help of the Community Service-Learning partnership.

University of Alberta Projects (2015/2016)

  • Working towards sustainability: MBA-
  • Understanding sponsor motivation: Marketing- Lauren Calvert, Samantha Rozak, Jenna Ivison, Annalise Boytinck
  • Interchangeable back rest, safer adaptive pedals and balance assist: Industrial designs- senior class

NAIT Project (2015)

  • Capstone Project: Digital Media And IT- Pankaj Chhabra

University Of Alberta Projects (2014/2015)

  • How to fit an adapted bicycle: Physiotherapy- Lisa Lorenz, Betty Huang, Georgia Diduck, Karmen Li
  • Focus group- are we meeting the needs of families?: Honors Psychology- Jenna Chamberlain, Isabel Light
  • Increasing the involvement of retail cycling stores: Business/ Marketing- Pauline Zoch, Magali Rosat, Jiaocen Shi.
  • Enabling Occupation: Occupational Therapy- Michelle Spadafora, Stuart Layton

University Of Alberta Projects (2013/2014)

  • Remote controlled braking system: Mechanical Engineering- Michael Bayans, Sam Cheng, Sue Hur, Erik Law, Victor Wu; Electrical Engineering- Jilay Gajjar, Ge Song, Henil Patel, Ankita Vashisht
  • Folding balance wheels: Mechanical Engineering- Kyle Neufeld, Clarissa Tat, Jesse Kalsi, Daniel Kerr,  Nicholas Martin (2013);  Sean Johnson, Jamie Chen, Mohammed Siddiqi, Scott Humphreys, Chris Ji (2014)
  • Bicycle Tracker system: Electrical Engineering- Xiaoyu Zhao, Richard Maier, Pyo Kim, Wei Tu, Ainuddin Ariff Bin Abd Jalil
  • Legal review of program: Probono Students Canada- Matthew Gordon, Samuel Rollans, Iwan Davies
  • Creating corporate sponsorships: Marketing- Kristiann McCool, Joshua Tang, Michelle Lam, Mackenzie Krochak
  • Teaching children with Down syndrome to ride a 2 wheeled bicycle: Rehabilitation Medicine (masters)- Janine Halayko (2012-2014)

NAIT Projects (2013)

  • Logo development:  Carmen Shnirer, Daniel Pena Quesada
  • Website development:   Harmonee Arsenault