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San Francisco – Red Bull Ride+Style / Undefeated 2015 / ATOC Mt. Diablo

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San Francisco – Red Bull Ride+Style / Undefeated 2015 / ATOC Mt. Diablo

images & words by photographer Jeff Olsen (@jeffreymolsen)

We know all about the end of summer blues, but here in AZ the cooler temperatures mean better riding and frankly, we can’t wait for Christmas. In the middle of May this year our team managed to escape the heat and jam Red Bull Ride+Style, the new Undefeated photo/video shoot, and an epic Mt. Diablo ride into a four day trip to San Francisco. Don your speedos and I’ll take you back on some highlights for your final summer fix.

We arrived Friday afternoon in time to register for Ride+Style at Chrome.


Errbody got swag. (Steven Jensen)


Errbody got shoes.

Thomas, lemme see those shoes.

Then on to the MASH party. They had some great photographs, illustrations, and handsome people to look at.


Saturday was Ride+Style, with separate race and freestyle events. It’s a fixed gear bike handling championship, not to mention the Super Bowl of FGFS.


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