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Product Description

The Design

Bike Rim wheels were designed with every rider in mind, not just the 130 pounders. The wheels offer something for everyone; the sport rider, fitness rider, fixie or commuter no longer has to true their wheels. They can use that time riding instead. The competitor (even the Clydesdale or Athena) can have a fast, aerodynamic wheel that is also durable and resilient. rim wheels start out true and remain true and are considered some of the stiffest wheels on the planet – maximizing power transfer efficiency without wheel deformation or lateral bending.

The Value

Many competitive cyclists have a training and a racing set of wheels. They only use the racing wheels for special events, treating them like Grandma does her fine china. With rim wheels you only need the one set; get on and ride it everyday! Add to that the quick-change hubs, sealed bearings, and their easy low-cost exchange policy and you have the best winning combination in all of cycling. Plus, Aerospoke wheels are priced far below many other high-performance wheelsets, so you don’t have to sacrifice your groceries to get them. No expensive trips to the bike shop for truing adds to the value.

Wheel Aerodynamics

Our aerodynamic spokes have a wing-like cross-section, reducing drag substantially. Comparing how our wheels cut through the air to how traditional spoke wheels do is like comparing a sleek aircraft wing to an old fashioned egg beater. Wind resistance becomes more and more important as a wheel spins faster until it trumps weight as a key performance enhancer.


The strength of rim wheels is legendary. Some call them “bombproof”. rim wheels wheels can withstand punishment unimaginable for other wheels. When police bike fleets are looking for rugged wheels that must deliver without question, they choose Aerospoke.

Clydsdales and Athenas can leave their spoke wrenches at home for good – rim wheels have far less maintenance points than the fussy spoke wheels; hit a bump or a pot hole and keep on riding. Many of our customers tell us they choose Aerospoke wheels for long distance trips – those 500, 1,000, even 5,000 mile odysseys where wheel maintenance cannot be an issue. Aerospoke wheels deliver.


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